What is this site?

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Welcome to quickreads.info, a collection of thoughts, tips and referenced articles on personal development, productivity and creativity.

On quickreads.info, you will find:

  • personal development and productivity hacks I have tested and enjoyed over the years, that will help you get stuff done and feel good about it
  • references to books and articles that really inspired me
  • lists and reviews of selected tools and sites that I find particularly useful
  • every other week, a rundown of articles I came across on the web which I find worth flagging.

Posts are tagged by topic (list of all topics at the bottom of each page).

On this page, you will find the sites and publications where most of the articles referenced here were originally published.

I am Martin Grosjean – I manage digital projects in an agency. I am trying to get things done at work with the least waste of time and resources, while keeping a clear and available mind for all the things that matter in life.

Please contact me through linkedin for any comments, ideas, etc. you want to share.

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