Having a plan B and its impact on success

2 mins read

The virtues of having a plan B in whatever you undertake.

Have you got a plan B or are you focusing all your energy, time and hopes on this great plan A, which would be so cool, if only it worked out as expected.

Well, how about having a plan B, just for the sake of relaxing a bit and keeping a clear head in case things don’t go as planned? That’s the thing, right? Plan B is not as good as plan A, so indeed, don’t spare your efforts, and make plan A a success, but the outcome depends on so many uncontrollable factors that despite your best attempts, plan A might never work. That’s a scary thought. So, to give you this so important peace of mind that you need to make plan A succeed, just have a plan B.

Not convinced? Imagine that you are about to go on a holiday trip by car. What you want is this quality time with your family, that you’ve been longing for. Is it a good idea to make sure you have a spare tyre, or should you not care, bank on the fact that tyre punctures are a rare thing nowadays and only focus on the playlist for the trip? Not sure this is the best way to have a great relaxing time with your family…

Spare a bit of time just for that, have a plan B, it will bring you peace of mind and do your venture(s) wonders.